Band Information

Thank you for your interest in booking a performance at the Venice Spring Fling or Venice Beach Music Fest. We will accept submissions through February 21, 2018 for Venice Spring Fling and through June 15, 2018 for the Venice Beach Music Fest.

Please clearly state if you want to donate a performance or what remuneration is required for your performance. Please clearly state which event you wish to play or if you are applying for either of the dates. Please send the following information in electronic formats to :

Please send an email with subject line: “Formally Submitting YOURBANDNAME for Festival consideration on May 19 or August 25, 2018”.

Please insert the name of your band into the subject line rather than typing YOURBANDNAME 🙂 Please eliminate one of the dates if you are only interested in a particular festival.

In the email, please include:
– Your name, email, and phone contact information
– Your Band Name
– Band Biography and connection to Venice ( 3 – 5 sentences)
– Band Press Photo
– Band URL
– Links to 3 songs and 1 video (hard copy cd upon request)
– List of shows with attendance for last 12 months
– Offer to donate or requested renumeration
– Information about existing sponsor contacts if any

Please send the email and we will carefully review your submission. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. We will be making our lineup decisions for Venice Spring Fling 8 in February 2018 and for Venice Beach Music Fest 13 in June 2018.

Thank you for your support and interest in performing at the annual free celebrations of art, music, dance, and literature.

Venice Spring Fling

Venice Beach Music Fest 2018